Project 1: Point, Line, Pencil, Brush

Purpose of Project:

1. Choose 3 sets of contrasting words from the list. Some examples are: delight/dismay, frustration/triumph, infatuation/loathing.

2. In Illustrator, create an 11 x 8 1/2″ document with 6 art boards in 2 columns

3. For the 1st set of words use the pen tool, the line tool, the arc line tool, or some combination of all three to construct each word in an emphatic, expressive way. You may only use a black stroke but you are allowed to change the weight of the stroke.

4. For the 2nd set of words, use the pencil or brush tool this time to construct each word in an emphatic and expressive way. Again, explore using each tool either separately or in combination. Try using the stylus. Explore the use of the different brush strokes and weights. Again, only use a black stroke.

5. For the 3rd set of words use any combination of the tools.

2 thoughts on “Project 1: Point, Line, Pencil, Brush

  1. brianbaik86 says:

    Hey this is Brian thank you for your comment i really appreciate it so i really like your work so my favorite one is “Satisfaction” that reminds me super hero cartoon font!
    Also “Despair” and” Fright” is really good one too! but if i make “Despair” i would like to choose dark or medium brown color i think that color make real root!
    also “Fright” is just perfect and it reminds frankenstein finally, “Courage is just remind me MLB baseball team Chicago Cubs but it’s good design too!
    overall you did great job!!!!

  2. Lyn Corin Hair and Jewelry Designs says:

    I really appreciate you art work and your attention to the emotional effects portrayed in each certain words. Like, Courage…the large “C” establishes the confidence in the word. The bold, red lettering further enhances the bravery of a courageous person. Fright, although I wish it was more in the center, was definitely one of your better words. It full demonstrates the eeriness of the word. The feeling of being afraid is shown in the jagged brush stroke. Loneliness, I excellent. You should have possibly chosen a darker coloring of the letters, the single shadow on the “i” is fantastic. I truly see the loneliness of the “i.” I feel is isolation from the other letters, even though the actual “i” somewhat disappears in the other letters. Satisfactions just reminds me of a 1950 or 60’s commercial logo or soda bottle logo.

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