Project 2: Circle, Square, Triangle

Purpose of Project:

1. Copying and pasting the shapes from the artboard at the top, create 6 identifiable objects using these simple geometric shapes. Focus on form and universal readability. Utilize both stroke and fill.

2. Some guidelines:

You may

– adjust scale, stroke size, and rotation
– turn the fill and stroke on or off
– crop or duplicate the shapes
– use shape modes and pathfinders

You may not

– create new shapes
– use the line tool
– use any color other than black and white
– crop any way other than a straight line.

3. When you are done creating your objects, group the individual objects that make up each and use the alignment buttons to center everything exactly in the middle of each artboard.

5 thoughts on “Project 2: Circle, Square, Triangle

  1. jarenaep says:

    Overall I think you did a great job Scott! But there are a few things I would suggest…The table lamp could do without the light rays because the white circle on the black table makes it apparent that the light is on. The light rays take away from the image. Also, I would like to see a little more detail on the white part of the iron and the Firefox emblem, they both look very flat. The XBox game controller and headphones are my favorite though, they are very well done and I love all the detail in them.

    • theetechkid says:

      Yea the light rays were distracting and i should have removed them but for some reason never did. I was going to put detail on the emblem but the amount of time it would have taken i felt was too much. Im glad you liked everything!

  2. Kait Smith says:

    Awesome job. All of them are fantastic, and very detailed and precise. The two least successful I would say would be the lamp and the iron. The lamp needs some perspective work with the head of it, it seems a little off. maybe have it pointing downwards more? the bottom circle of the head of the lamp seems to big or something. I also agree though, that you do not need the rays. I think you have the same problem with the iron, the black part seems a little too large for the perspective, maybe needs to be thinned a little. my favorite is the xbox controller. there are a few places where it looks like the merging tool seemed to thin out the lines unevenly, but overall looks great. The lettering on the controller is superb.

    • theetechkid says:

      The light rays are a problem but for some reason i never deleted them. The head of the lamp was off but after putting the light on the table it seemed to work so i never changed it. With the iron i did that just from sight so it was hard to get proportions exactly right and i do i agree i should have put more detail on the iron. And the controller is by far my favorite and definitely took the most time but im proud of the way it turned out.

  3. Carrie says:

    Excellent work here. The amount of detail you included is impressive and they all look very professional. I agree with both Jarenae and Kait that perhaps you don’t need the lines on the lamp. And yes, the perspective on the lamp is a bit off. But I think that the Firefox is just fine without detail.

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