Project 3: Physical and Digital Layers

Purpose of Project:

1. Select 4 sheets of 6 x 6″ colored paper from the stack provided. Cut a square window into a larger sheet of paper so that you can move the colored sheets around and experiment with different designs. Cut, shift, and overlap the elements to produce a collage.

2. Scan this collage into your computer and save it as a 150ppi, RGB, JPG.

3. Create a 6 x 6″ document in Illustrator and place the image in illustrator.

4. Translate the collage into digital layers by using the shape tool and creating new shapes with the pen tool. Each physical layer should be a separate layer in the digital file with the original file in the bottom layer. Lock this layer so it does not move and turn it on and off as necessary. When you are done tracing, turn it off. Remember that the order of your layers determines what comes in front of what. Use rules to line up the alignment of your shapes. Use the colors that are available in the default RGB swatches.

5. Generate 4 new compositions by digitally changing the color, scale, transparency, orientation, and position of the digital layers. You should save a new version of the original file each time and work off of that.

4 thoughts on “Project 3: Physical and Digital Layers

  1. Geo says:

    I know how much you’d love your buddy Geo to critique your work so here goes! You had some interesting shapes to play with. The spacial and color relationships in the 2nd art board is great. Clean, crisp, I only with you played with opacity a bit more because I really only see it in 3 shapes. The 3rd one I think you did what you showed us in class last time. I’d change the color of the bluish background. It almost feels like a border/barrier keeping us out from what is inside. Compositionally it looks good, I would just play with opacity or just change the color of the blue to something brighter. The next one, same thing. The green lines need the opacity reduced. They just get in the way. The rest looks good though. The 5th one I’m glad you eliminated the “S” shape keeping us out but now I almost feel the rays need to be continued like it is too empty. The rays abruptly stop and I’d kind of like to see more of them either becoming again decreased opacity or even have it start to change to like a yellow-orange or something. Also even just 2 more rays that come OUTSIDE of the top green “L” shape would have made it stronger. Not bad, just my opinions on how they could be stronger. I actually really like a lot of what you did here, just a few suggestions to consider.

  2. brianbaik86 says:

    Hi this is Brian Baik I’m your classmate from ART 217 class. So overall, you did really great! Also I feel like your project3 theme is Organic especially, nature. you used a lot of shapes and colors. Especially,the bottom of the right one you used a lot of shapes and colors and this one look like toy blocks.And you did good color contrast. For example, Blue & yellow, Red & Orange, Orange & green.My favorite one is the first row middle one you used a lot of different kind of rectangles and one big zigzag also that zigzag make impact in this picture. Also, when I looked at this picture It reminds me early 90’s or late 80’s fashion style. bright colors and unbalance colors. but the first row right one the Big “L” is kind of bother this picture I think position is fine but the problem is the color I think red was not a good choice. If I were you I use cold colors. Also, the second row left one those stripes make ruin your all shapes. I think you need to fix the position in this picture. But seriously everything is great! and you did really good job! keep going and you’re working very well!

  3. Kait Smith says:

    Well, I’ll start off by saying that my favorite is the bottom middle one. The way the shapes converge at the two colors, and the diagonals fade is excellent, its really aesthetically pleasing. As for the top middle, I would change the opacity on some of the shapes, and the top right looks a little childish because of its primary color scheme, so I might change the colors on that one. Otherwise though, Really great work! The bottom middle is the most successful one I have seen yet.

  4. Carrie says:

    You did a good job here. Your initial collages were a bit awkward in terms of color, shape, and composition. I like how the last two really improved. They are much more exciting in terms of all of the variables previously mentioned. Using that grey in the last piece in the top row really creates a lot of depth! In terms of further improvement, I’d have been more bold about making opacity changes.

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