Project 4: Men and Women of Letters



















Purpose of project:

1. Take a photo of your face using Photo Booth.

2. Choose one typeface from the list that you think suits you. You should consider both your personality and your facial features when you make this decision. Consult the photograph if it helps.

3. Create a 7″ x 7″ CMYK document in Illustrator and place the photograph into a base layer to use as a guide. Scale this up or down so that your face fits into the allotted space.

4.  Using Roberto De Vicq De Cumptich’s work as your guide, use only the letters of your first and last name (you can use your nickname if you want) to construct a self-portrait.

5. You may rotate, reflect and repeat letters. You may increase or decrease the size of the type depending on what is necessary, but please use points to do so. You may use different styles of the typeface to create emphasis. You should not distort type in any way. Try to use all of the letters. You may use punctuation, but try not to rely on it. Your features will likely become exaggerated—that’s ok, be expressive!

6. You must use black letters on a white background. You can use one CMYK swatch as an accent color. Carefully consider how you use this so that it does not detract from the main focus of this assignment—how the type is used.



One thought on “Project 4: Men and Women of Letters

  1. Geo says:

    Wow, much different from what we saw in class. The way you did the hair was great. I don’t even know what to say I mean it looks a lot like you and I don’t think I would change anything. Definitely the hair, facial and up top, are the best parts of this I’m very impressed. The face being open on the right is good since it is implied. I could not have done better. I’m glad I see some slight variations in the beard instead of only repeating 1 letter. Not 100% sure how you did some of this especially with such a funky font. The only slight crits I have are I’m not loving the “P”s in the eyes. Seems unnecessary. But not bad either. And on the chin towards the upper right side of the beard it doesn’t quite connect from the chin to the side of the face.

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