Project 5: Text and Image

Purpose of Project:

1. Use stock.xchng or to find and download 6 images of landscapes that are compelling to you. These images must be at least 300ppi at 4″ x 6″.

2. After you download them, open the images in Photoshop. Resize them so they are 300ppi. Convert the color mode to CMYK.

3. Create 6 new PSD documents that are 300 ppi, CMYK, 4″ x 6″. Copy and paste your original images into these documents. In order to get your images to fit the required size, you may move the image layers around to reposition the images, or scale them down proportionally, or both. Use your judgment to create an interesting composition within the frame allowed.

4. Using Ed Ruscha as your inspiration, create an intriguing word or phrase to go with each of the landscapes. Use the type tool in Photoshop to set each phrase in a different way on top of the landscape. Pay attention to how the words, the image, and the way you set the text can create different meanings.

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