Project 7: Dreams, Nightmares, Fantasies

This project displays my struggles with my car including accidents, the money involved, and the overall frustration it had caused me. I view the match as a symbol of life going up in smoke with everything in the smoke being the cause of everything going up in smoke.

Purpose of Project:

1. Use a dream, nightmare, or fantasy as the inspiration for a collage you will create in Adobe Photoshop.

2. Use at least 5 images for this collage. 2 of the images must be scanned items. The items you scan can be cutouts from magazines, maps, tickets, receipts, printed photographs,everyday objects, or found items. The scanned items can be natural or man-made but make sure that they are non-abrasive so they do not scratch the scanners. Remember, when you scan, you must scan your images in at 300 ppi at the size you want the images to be. The other images can be taken from digital photographs you own or take or from online stock images (please do not use Google images).

3. Work in an 8 1/2 x 11” (horizontal or vertical) format. Copy and paste from your resources into a master PSD file. Be sure you do not replace your original resources as you edit and work on this document. Right now you should be working in 300ppi, RGB, PSD.

4. Use the tools and techniques that we covered in class to silhouette and manipulate your images. Combine grayscale and color imagery. You may repeat images, and use different selections from images. You may add text and drawing if you would like to do so.

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