Bold Design logo

Bold Design logo

My first attempt at creating a logo using Cinema 4D. -BOLDesign

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Very First Website design

The premise of this site is to be able to view band information, news, and listen to samples of songs from different bands.

The first page is my home page which contains 3 columns displaying news, new artists added to the site, and upcoming concerts. News articles provide links to a profile on The Artist Repo, a link referencing the article I used in the post and a link to the entire story in the news section of my website. The menu buttons have a gradient and a mouse hover effect. I have placed everything within a scrolling container to give the site a more structured look.


My artist profile page contains an artist biography, full length albums that have been released by the artist, and a photo gallery of the artist.  In the album section is a streaming song from the album to give visitors a taste of the album and the artist. This is only my first website I designed and coded this in two weeks. I accomplished most of what i wanted to do with this site and overall I think my site turned out fairly good for being my first time using html and css.


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Website Icon

Website Icon

I developed this for use with my first website that i created in my ART 365 class at Towson University.

Creation of the Dark Knight Opening Credit (Filmed Portion)

Creating the Dark Knight Opening credits required a lot of thought to accomplish a cohesive sequence. I was initially stuck on the idea of the actor playing cards. After a little thought i decided why not film cards dropping? It would be more realistic than trying to create it in after effects, so i decided to go for it and see how it would turn out. My initial idea was just to drop playing cards, but after one thought it snowballed into another, “Oh! I could do this”, or “It would be really cool if I did this!” My mind took me all over the place to develop what i finally had in the final video. After having my overall idea i had to gather supplies.

Luckily for me I work at Lowe’s and had all the materials I needed to complete this project including the cardboard! Not pictured I also needed a sheet of glass (for a burning surface) and i used a shower curtain to keep the spray paint off the floor (neon green for green-screening).

After filming a couple videos of card drops, I found the best video by the stroke of luck with the joker card being face up! So then i had create the batarang from the movies so i could do the next part of my video.

Printed picture taped to cardboard for guide.

Final cut out of batarang.

My plan for the batarang was to pull the batarang up out of a burning pile of cards. To achieve this after cutting the batarang out i had to spray paint it black. After spray painting it I had to figure a way to pull it up while keeping it level so the weight of the cards would not make the bat sway. Thus, I had the idea to attach four wires at four different sections on the bat, 1 on each wing, 1 on the head, and 1 on the tail.

Final rig for the bat.

Once the rig was created i then placed the bat on the glass and placed playing cards on top hiding the bat. The final step was burning the playing cards. Unfortunately, the cards did not burn well by fire alone. I ended having to use gasoline to accelerate the fire and make the cards burn. Dangerous I know! But, I had a fire extinguisher and a large lid to cut the air off from the fire if it got to out of control. After all the preparation i ended with the final clip in the video sequence, well with a little editing, and cutting.

Nevertheless this sequence turned out better than i could have ever expected. I had many firsts in this project including, filming, green screening, creating (albeit) simple rig, and more. Im really happy how this turned out and I hope my future projects improve further!

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Dark Knight Opening credits


Design an opening credit sequence for a movie, television, or book. Include 20 names or more in the credits. Project can be no less than a minute.

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Basic Motion design.

For each phase of this project, choose a distinct emotional expression. Adobe After Effects will be used to
create a simple animation that communicates the essence of the expression. In the first phase, the animation is limited
to a single line. Throughout each phase, a different element of motion design will be explored, adding to the
complexity of the animation and providing additional means of communicating character, emotion and personality.
Create each phase as a separate composition (not a new project!). For the final movie, compile all phases/compositions
with a title card appearing between each phase to act as a transition and label. All elements of this project must be
abstract and non-representational.
Consider how pacing, time and space, composition, continuity and rhythm affect the meaning portrayed in the
animation. Experiment with size, direction, interaction and movement of objects.

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Public Service Announcement Satire


Project Description:

Create a Public service announcement to grab a viewers attention.

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Kinetic Typography

This was my first attempt at kinetic typography and this is the first class i have used after effects but, i thoroughly enjoyed the project it took between  20-30 hours to complete.

Project Description:

Choose a conversation consisting of  two characters only. This cannot be a monologue. Your source could -
be an interview, recorded phone conversation, radio or movie clip, or another conversation of your choice.  This
may not be a conversation among you and your friends and the conversation must be approved by
the instructor. Your animation must sync up with your audio clip. Be sure your clip is a high quality recording. 

Create an animated version of the conversation that is typography dominant. The use of imagery and design
elements is allowed so long as it supports the concept of the design. This animation is a visual portrayal of
the conversation and as such it must capture the personalities, characteristics and intonation found within the
conversation. It must visually distinguish each individual who is “speaking.” Consider how to visually represent
punctuation using pauses, pacing, movement and rhythm, rather than actual punctuation itself.
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Miscellaneous Art Projects from Art 103

Project 7: Dreams, Nightmares, Fantasies

This project displays my struggles with my car including accidents, the money involved, and the overall frustration it had caused me. I view the match as a symbol of life going up in smoke with everything in the smoke being the cause of everything going up in smoke.

Purpose of Project:

1. Use a dream, nightmare, or fantasy as the inspiration for a collage you will create in Adobe Photoshop.

2. Use at least 5 images for this collage. 2 of the images must be scanned items. The items you scan can be cutouts from magazines, maps, tickets, receipts, printed photographs,everyday objects, or found items. The scanned items can be natural or man-made but make sure that they are non-abrasive so they do not scratch the scanners. Remember, when you scan, you must scan your images in at 300 ppi at the size you want the images to be. The other images can be taken from digital photographs you own or take or from online stock images (please do not use Google images).

3. Work in an 8 1/2 x 11” (horizontal or vertical) format. Copy and paste from your resources into a master PSD file. Be sure you do not replace your original resources as you edit and work on this document. Right now you should be working in 300ppi, RGB, PSD.

4. Use the tools and techniques that we covered in class to silhouette and manipulate your images. Combine grayscale and color imagery. You may repeat images, and use different selections from images. You may add text and drawing if you would like to do so.