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Very First Website design

The premise of this site is to be able to view band information, news, and listen to samples of songs from different bands.

The first page is my home page which contains 3 columns displaying news, new artists added to the site, and upcoming concerts. News articles provide links to a profile on The Artist Repo, a link referencing the article I used in the post and a link to the entire story in the news section of my website. The menu buttons have a gradient and a mouse hover effect. I have placed everything within a scrolling container to give the site a more structured look.


My artist profile page contains an artist biography, full length albums that have been released by the artist, and a photo gallery of the artist.  In the album section is a streaming song from the album to give visitors a taste of the album and the artist. This is only my first website I designed and coded this in two weeks. I accomplished most of what i wanted to do with this site and overall I think my site turned out fairly good for being my first time using html and css.


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