Energy In Motion

Created over the course of a month. I wanted to use basic shapes (circles and triangles) with an emphasis on energy. I did both the animation and sound design. The audio was courtesy of the Freesound Project.

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Motion Graphics Reel (Rough)

This is a reel of my motion graphics work over the past 6 months.

Sticky Fingers Rough

I created this completely in After Effects (a 2D program for the uninitiated) for a freelance job I acquired with EyeCandyDC. This was created for a potential ad for Stick Fingers Bakery in Silver Spring, Maryland. I was given a general design outline from the creative director and was given free reign to create the rest. Coming up with the idea was the most difficult the second was actually executing my ideas. Everything in this piece is actually 2D or 2.5D to give an illusion that the book is actually 3D. The page turns took the bulk of the time to try and get as close as possible to reality. All in all for a rough piece I feel it turned out fairly well.

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Travel Channel Promotional Ad

This was created for the Travel Channels new promotional campaign “Travel Moments”. You can view the full ad with voice over currently on Travel Channel.

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Curtain Test

[vimeo w=640&h=350]

Squares unfolding to make a curtain.

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